Engaging Maths: 25 favourite lessons

Engaging Maths: 25 favourite lessons

This full-colour volume aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of primary school students (and their teachers) through enjoyable, challenging and active lessons. Why not explore grid coordinates and compass directions through a piratical ‘Treasure Island’ map, or introduce simulation through a ‘Throwing the globe’ activity, or play a few rounds of ‘Colour in decimats’? Each lesson follows a similar pattern, beginning with an engaging ‘hook’. There are clear instructions, interesting professional musings (including highlighting common misconceptions) and ideas for pulling the lesson together at the end. The lessons are complete, with reproducible activity sheets and further professional references. Reflections from the authors highlight some of the key pedagogical aspects and assessment potential. Engaging maths, indeed!

Author: Doug Clarke , Anne Roche

Format: Book

Publisher: Mathematics Teaching and Learning Centre, Australian Catholic University and Catholic Education office

Publication date: 2014

Type: Book

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