Check the Clues B

Check the Clues B

Check the Clues B consists of 112 pages in full colour. The book is suitable for Years 1 and 2. Activities are free to be photocopied for your class.

The Check the Clues B by Dr Paul Swan and David Dunstan offers schools a whole school approach to word problem solving using a co-operative group approach. The books have been designed to improve the students’ comprehension of mathematics word problems, and to build mathematical understanding through problem solving and reasoning.

The Check the Clues series uses Polya’s four step problem solving approach: understand the problem, devise a plan, carry out the plan and look back.

Teachers are provided with the Australian Curriculum links, language (vocabulary), notes, answers and references.

Author: Paul Swan , David Dunstan

Format: Book

Publisher: Picton Press West Perth Australia

Publication date: 2017

Type: Book

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