25 Games for Games Days

25 Games for Games Days

The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) Games Days are very popular and a great way of engaging students through competing with like-minded individuals. The MAV often gets enquiries from schools either wishing to run smaller scale games days at a local or school level or requesting games days resources.
In this updated 2019 publication, MAV has compiled a selection of favourite Maths game including an addition of four new games, some used in games days. Whether for games days or for general classroom use, the games are a useful tool in engaging all students.
The resource has been designed, with one game per page, so teachers can print the desired page as is. Each game has the same format, listing materials required, the rules and the aim of the game.

Author: MAV

Format: Spiral bound

Publisher: The Mathematical Association of Victoria

Publication date: 2017

Type: Spiral bound

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